• Training
Signs & Symbols in the Classroom

Cost: £95

Duration: 1 full day training

Includes: Delivery, lunch, and resource handout

This one-day practical course offers delegates an introduction to the use of signs and symbols in a school setting to support children who find it difficult to understand and communicate. This course is suitable for staff who have no or limited prior experience of using signs and symbols in their current practice.

Throughout the day, delegates will be introduced to:

  • The theory behind the use of signs and symbols
  • Expressive and Receptive language
  • A basic sign and symbol vocabulary (approximately 50 signs)
  • Practical ways to introduce and use signs and symbols in a school environment.

The outcomes that participants can expect from the course:

  • A firm knowledge and understanding of the theory behind the use of signs and symbols
  • An understanding of how expressive and receptive language are dependent on each other
  • A basic signs and symbols vocabulary
  • A range of strategies and methods to aid the implementation of signs and symbols in everyday working practice within a school setting

For further details and to secure a place on this training course, please use this link.

Monday 09/04/2018

Fossebrook Primary School
Holmfield Avenue West, Leicester Forest East, Leicester,

8.30am – 4.30pm