• Parental Commissions

Liaison with other professionals involved will be integral to the work carried out and may consist of telephone calls, emails or letters. Please notify EPIC Speech and Language Therapy Services of any NHS therapist involvement so that we can ensure a collaborative approach. Please also ensure that you inform your NHS Speech and Language Therapist of the private input your child/young person is receiving.

Initial Assessments

All new service users will be required to complete an initial assessment so that the Speech and Language Therapist can ensure they acquire the information required to plan and deliver any subsequent therapeutic input. Initial assessments typically last between 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Initial assessments will include completing a case history and parent questionnaire with the service user and/or their parents/carers, formal assessments and informal observations. Initial assessments may be carried out in service users' homes, nurseries, schools or colleges. In more complex cases, additional assessment sessions may be necessary. A standard assessment report will be provided at a cost of £30.

Therapeutic Intervention Sessions

Individual and group sessions typically last for approximately 60 minutes although the actual length of a session will reflect the needs of the client and therefore sessions can range between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. Sessions may be carried out in clients' homes, nurseries, schools, colleges or within community settings where appropriate. If therapeutic input is recommended, the type and frequency of sessions will be agreed between the therapist and the client/bill payer.

  • Initial assessment sessions are subject to a fee of £150.00
  • All individual and group therapy sessions are subject to a fee of £60.00 per hour.
  • Attendance at multi-disciplinary meetings is subject to a fee of £60.00 per hour.
  • Travel to all settings is subject to a fee of £30 per hour on a return basis from our base in Leicester Forest East and will be calculated using the time given on the AA Route Planner tool.
  • A standard assessment report is charged at £30.00.
  • A progress report at the end of a block of therapy is charged at £30.00.
  • Any other reports requested will be written subject to a £30.00 fee.

Please note, fees are subject to annual increases to reflect the cost of living. Fee changes will not affect the price of sessions which have already been booked or invoiced.